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    On the Failures Of Black Men Writers In Games Media

    I want to preface this by saying I have hope for games writing. I have hope, because I see Evan Narcisse, Zolani Stewart, Sidney Fussell, Austin Walker and the great catalog of work they’ve built over the years. They, among other men of color in games writing, have worked without a shred of the recognition they truly deserve to get on platforms like Kotaku, Boingboing and Giantbomb where their voices grow stronger. There are a number of black writers and specifically black men who write critically about games, but these are my favorites to reference when delving into today’s topic. Honestly, they’re my favorites in general.

    So, we kinda suck when it comes to writing about black women.

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    Art Site: Today & Tomorrow

    Illustrations by Nina ChakrabatiPublished in I Want You Magazine, Nina Chakrabati had pretty damn great idea of applying tribal designs to the models in magazines. The result: excellent.  This is a smidge of what you can find over at Today & Tomorrow site.

    More of Nina's work after the jump...

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    Site Of The Day: "E-mails From An Asshole"

    Like most of you guys/gals out there I have to field a fair amount of e-mails from coworkers, customers, and a good lot of strangers. Anyone who has dealt with anyone on craigslist or eBay will be able to relate to the need of a website, a blog that vocalizes the: overly wordy, ill advised or just plain stupid e-mail that people get on a daily basis. Well folks I give you:

    Don't Even Reply

    One man, by the name of Mike Partlow [or Anderson, I'm pretty sure it's a name we shall never know in order to shroud his identity from the people who want to commit heinous acts on his person] has decided to take it upon himself to make sure anyone who posts an ad in the classifieds or similar 'help sites' on the web and make the average Joe's live a little tougher to deal with

    After The Jump Is An Example

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    The DLC Debate: "What Is Fair?"


    What a crazy age we live in.We live in the age of Twitter and instant updates. Instant gratification is in and of course technology will be the first to harness and cultivate our needs. Though video games may not fall in the category of 'necessity', try convincing gaming companies to the contrary. I am sure avid WoW players and Pockemon collectors also have problems resisting new content as well. Downloadable content is here fellow gamers. As much as it proposes the argument of how strong a foothold games have on our society, it may prove just how far game developers and distributors are willing to go to juice the naive. What is fair?

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    Site Of The Day: Bad Paintings Of Barack Obama



    Never has one site encapsulated the eventual backlash of the 'Barack-fanboy'.  This site will make you realize that, you may be a fan of our current are clearly not of the fan caliber that would have you paint something on a wooden plank and try and sell it on Ebay.



    Blame Shawn Elliot's Twitter...


    Sir Shawn Elliot and A Then Underling Miss Sanchez

    If I don't complete any of my assignments or becoming utterly useless at work it is because of this man's twitter page. The clips, the photos, the news stories all these things [even the not safe for work ish] have caused my eyes to wander all over the sexy body that is, the internet.  Note: You should know that the clips and links labeled 'nsfw' have either nudity or adult content within it so be warned.

    Here...lets start soft...

    Getting all SpeedFit

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    Jack Thompson Disbarred : 15 Minutes Of E-Fame Hopefully Over?

    Well At Least He Now Has Time On His Hands To Finish The Darn Game

    I'm not the kind of person to kick a person when they are down. I am the kind of person to laugh at a person when they are down.  Let's be honest...when someone falls in the street, initially you are concerned.  You want the person to be okay and you may even go the extra mile of extending a helping hand. Once they have their faculties about them, you are able to laugh about the then frightening occurrence.

    Jack Thompson has had his fair share of slip ups and miscues [which just so happen to be captured on video and in this very brog]. He has been a strong proponent for the banning of most of the most popular video games with the ESRB rating of 'M'. He has issued ultimatums to gaming sites and the journalists of the more popular enthusiast outlets.  He has blamed the deaths of children in households and college campuses on games like Halo 3 and the Grand Theft Auto series, all the while representing the families of the victims of very real atrocities.

    The fact that Thompson was disbarred in Florida over a litany of issues does not give me joy or feeling of accomplishment.  I'm actually quite worried if this is the last we will hear from our passionate politician. He could technically pass the bar of the 49 other U.S. states if AND ONLY IF, he has a friend-lawyer who could vouch for his conduct in the courtroom.

    After The Jump: Reasons Why Thompson Was Disbarred, Reliving the 'Good Ole Days' with Youtube Thompson Interviews...

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    Google is now one of 10 most recognizable brands!

    These Women Have Absolutely NOTHING To Do With This Article

    Just in case you aren't aware, those ladies are throwing up the 'Ballin'' symbol. You see it is something you do when you feel care free and feel the need to show others around you, "Why yes sir, I am making a crap-ton of money...and no...I will not be sharing it with you."

    Google after ten years of existence has placed 10th in Interbrands annual Best Global Brands survey. Although this probably seems like no suprise to those who are internet savvy or just have a job that revolves around a keyboard and glowing box. This is quite the feat for Google seeing as the rest of the companies on that list have a couple decades on them.

    If you feel like next year Google will be dubbed "Humanity's Lord & Savior" you are not alone.